A lonely church below the DolomitesBelow the summit of Mt. Tuferspitz - Cima di TovoThe view from the top of Mt. Cima TrentaMt. Mittager in the distanceIt's snowing at the mountain hutClouds over the mountainsIt's snowing on the mountainsThe small hut at the end of the meadowAn unexpected placeThe valley where the sun doesn't shineThe last rays of the sunLonely tiny treeThe roof is brokenThe mountain hut Laugenalm in winterSunset on the mountains in winterA long fence along the trailThe lonely treeThe view from Mt. GravandThe mountain group MaddaleneA nice place to restA strange find at the mountain lakeSheltered from the windKühbergl AlmIt's rainingOberweissbrunn AlmAsmol AlmMadritschjoch - Passo del MadriccioShadowsAfter nearly two hours we see the sunThe light of the sun over the trees