Zirmtalsee - Lago dei CirmoliThe mountain refuge Stettinerhuette - Rifugio PetrarcaThe door of an ovenAn old wooden house near the pathKratzberger See - Lago San PancrazioThe sun is setting at the Riemerbergl AlmAutumn in the mountainsA beautiful day in late SeptemberHinterer Flatschberg AlmThe top of Mt. Peilstein - Il SassoDroplets and websFog at the mountain lakeClouds around the summit of the mountainSunset from Mt. Kleiner LaugenMt. Naturnser Hochwart - Guardia AltaIt's snowing on the other side of the valleyBelow the summit of Mt. Tuferspitz - Cima di TovoLate afternoon at the lakeThe view from the top of Mt. Cima TrentaA quiet placeAusserschwemm AlmSpring in the mountainsThe view of the treeMt. Mittager in the distanceIt's snowing at the mountain hutClouds over the mountainsIt's snowing on the mountainsThe small hut at the end of the meadowAn unexpected placeThe valley where the sun doesn't shine