Kratzberger See - Lago San PancrazioClouds around the summit of the mountainThe small hut at the end of the meadowSo many colours in the skyThe lonely treeThe view from Mt. GravandIn the evening Over the mountain lake SeefeldseeThe sun is shining over Mt. MuteggFog and clouds on the mountain group MaddaleneMountain lake Kofelraster SeenFog into the woodsA small mountain lake near the trailChurch St. MoritzNo rain todayIt's snowing at the summitLondai AlmFog and clouds are coming from Falkomai valleyAt the mountain pass Samerjoch -  Passo di BrezClouds over Mt. LaugenOberweissbrunn AlmSunset in the mountains #2A wide cloudFog at the church over the hillMy first snow of this seasonFog on the mountainsTrees into the woodsCampanili del LatemarThe view towards the mountainsKleiner Laugen and lake Laugensee